imageAs I walked around outside the weather was almost as cold as ice. I looked up at the sky, it looked as if it was covered with fluffy,white cotton balls. I looked down and saw a big pile of orange, brown and dark purple leaves. I looked up again and saw an orange tree, .

Asian project

We are making a model of an Asian country at school. I choose Bali! It’s really fun and messy. I’m obviously not done yet but it will be soon!

My Bali project

My Bali project

About me

Hi,my name is Olivia.Im 11 years old and I live in Bendigo,Victoria,Australia.These are some of the things I like. I like drawing ,cooking and eating pancakes!i really love to dance.the type of dancing I do are jazz,tap,ballet and calisenics.What are your hobbies and interests?

Hi welcome to my blog!i hope you enjoy reading my posts! Have fun writing posts and comments!
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